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Opportunity Overview What a great way to  supplement your income!! NO ENROLLMENT FEE NO MANDATORY MONTHLY FEES NO 60 DAY PROCESSING PERIOD Commission checks mailed on the 20th of each month. Our program is very  simple.   Hand out our card and earn commissions:  $1.00 per prescription for Override Commission: Refer a friend to join  Honesty Rx and receive .25 when someone uses their card at the pharmacy.  Template packet includes: Coupon Card jpeg. Marketing Materials Please fill out the  enrollment form and Honesty Rx will email you with further details about our program.  
One of the great things about our program is that we give our Medication Coupon Card away ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Who wouldn't accept something FREE and something that is so desperately needed in these tough economic times? Who is in need of our Medication Coupon Cards? Doctor's offices, Churches, Shelters, Animal Shelters, Small Businesses,  Animals Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Free Clinics etc... Our Representatives simply supply these places with our Medication Coupon Card.